5 different tips to keep your business kicking goals

Your business is more than just sales and spreadsheets. You are part of a community and an evolving marketplace. Here are five different tips to keep you sane and your business healthy

Get out of the office and stretch your legs

It’s far too easy for a small business owner to become overwhelmed and focus all of their time and energy into their business. Whilst it’s your business, it’s also your life – so to avoid burnout take the time to stay active and healthy where you can.

Stay active

If you’re one of the thousands of businesses now working from home for the indefinite future, take a walk at lunchtime or do sit-ups while you’re brainstorming. You might just find the change in routine reinvigorates you. Short on time? Life Hack shows us  7 simple exercises for busy people.

Be part of your community

If you’re successful then it’s more than likely your local community has played a big part. So don’t forget them and engage with them. You’re one of them so give back to the community that has given to you – donate, fundraise and participate! It’s not only good for your brand but it’s good for the soul too.

Stay relevant

Without customers, you don’t have a business. That’s not rocket science but where many businesses fail is by not keeping in touch with the changing needs and desires of their customers. Talk to your customers, get their feedback and look at what your competitors are doing. Ask yourself: did Kodak and Blockbuster stay relevant?

Get organised and commit to it

Time is money as they say. So you need to make sure you’re maximising time servicing clients or making sales. A daily or weekly schedule is one way to start and there are plenty of outstanding project management and timekeeping tools out there to keep you on track.

Know your elevator pitch

Whether you’re presenting to clients or meeting new people at a BBQ, when someone asks, you usually have less than 30 seconds to tell them who you are and what you do. People are like goldfish, any longer and they might just lose interest. Practice and nail your pitch, keep it in your pocket and be ready to impress.

Get help

You started your business doing what you know best. But the finance side of things can be daunting and time-consuming, investing in a good accountant or bookkeeper can be priceless. Pay an expert to manage the numbers and use the time you save to drive your business forward. 

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