How will rising interest rates affect business loans in 2022?

With the market now expecting interest rates to start rising from as early as July 2022, what does this mean for business loans?

Big Bank

The last time the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) raised its cash rate was way back in November 2010. That’s 135 months ago. What this means is that if you’ve had a mortgage, or taken out any other type of loan, within the last dozen or so years, you’ve never had to deal with an interest rate rise. This may explain why many people are nervous.

You may also be asking yourself how does this imminent interest rate rise affect private lending? (And it’s a great question!)

Traditional lenders and rising interest rates

Once the RBA does actually start to raise the interest rates, it’s likely to be in small, steady increments over the next few years. However, what’s more certain is once the rise is formally announced by the RBA, the Big Four banks – Commonwealth Bank, ANZ, National Australia Bank and Westpac – will all quickly follow suit and raise their own interest rates. But when you’re dealing with a private lender, such as Strive Financial, we’re not bound by the rules the traditional banks.

In fact, that’s more than likely one of the reasons you found your way to Strive in the first place.


Will business loan interest rates rise in 2022?

If the official RBA rate rises, business loans will ultimately rise too. By how much will vary between lenders. And while nobody likes an interest rate hike, one of the amazing benefits Strive Financial offers, is loans-based interest rates. This means our business loans are somewhat insulated against sudden, jarring interest rate increases.

But that’s not all we have to offer:


Ultra-fast lending

Sometimes you need money super-fast. Perhaps cash flow is a bit tight or that fantastic business opportunity is about to slip through your fingers if you don’t act now. That’s why Strive Financial remain committed to funding loans within 24 hours of approval. Once we have all your information and documents have been signed off, funds are usually available on the same or next day.


We see you

If you’re not keen on dealing with a big bank or the banks aren’t interested in dealing with you, you need to talk to us. Whatever the reason, don’t write yourself out of a loan before letting us take a look at your financials and seeing what we have to offer.


Minimal documentation

The curse of many small business owners is not having ‘the right’ documentation to secure financing. This is frustrating for everyone. At Strive, we see past the small stuff so we can look at the big picture together.


Super flexible loan amounts and loan terms

We offer loans from anywhere between $20,000 and $3,000,000. $20K can plug that temporary cash-flow problem and $3M can secure you that ideal second commercial space. And our repayment terms? From one month to 36 months (3 years). If that’s not super easy, super quick, and super flexible financing, then we don’t know what is.

Keen to get some 2022 financing underway? Get in touch and let’s get moving.

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Posted 10 March 2022
How will rising interest rates affect business loans in 2022?

With the market now expecting interest rates to start rising from as early as July 2022, what does this mean for business loans?

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