Do you have bad credit and need a short term business loan?

Once upon a time, bad credit meant it was almost impossible to secure a short-term business loan, let alone long-term business financing. But not anymore.

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In fact, arranging long and short-term loans (secured against property) is just what we do. We help people achieve their business goals.

But sometimes those goals have been dampened by a bad credit experience. And while a bad credit rating used to be the death knell for small business owners, that’s no longer the case. Non-lenders such as Strive Financial, free from the restrictions of traditional thinking and long-held, but antiquated, lending methods, prefer to pitch in when others are bailing.

Here’s how Strive Financial views – and deals with – bad credit.


What do we mean by ‘bad credit’?

According to Investopedia, bad credit ‘refers to a person’s history of failing to pay bills on time, and the likelihood that they will fail to make timely payments in the future. It is often reflected in a low credit score. Companies can also have bad credit based on their payment history and current financial situation.’

There are many reasons an individual or business may have bad credit and be unable to secure a short or long-term business loan. A business goes bust, they default on personal bills, loans or credit cards. Even bad advice from divorce lawyers advising people to stop paying can end up costing you on your credit report!

The Strive POV: we don’t do a credit search, so we don’t know – or take into consideration – your score.


How do I find my credit rating?

Everyone’s whose applied for finance has a credit report. For a free copy of your credit report, download a credit app or contact one of the following:

If your report is inaccurate, check the Moneysmart website for ways to fix it.

Did you know, there’s a small penalty each time a formal enquiry (lender, banker etc) is made on your credit history. And these searches show up on your history – as will the success of your credit applications.

The Strive POV: when you apply for a short or long-term business loan (even with bad credit) with us, it doesn’t affect your credit score.


I’ve got bad credit, can I apply for a business loan?

Yes! Apply for the loan. We use your security as our risk mitigation, as opposed to your credit history for normal lenders.

The Strive POV: if you have solid security assets, you can borrow from us.


How much can I borrow?

The Strive POV: you can borrow same as anyone else – from $15,000 to $3,000,000.


Will I need to provide extra documentation?

We know you’ve got better things to do with your time, so we keep the paperwork to a minimum. Just a two-page application form and evidence you own the property – such as a rates notice – and you’re on your way. We don’t ask for financials, tax returns or bank statements.

The Strive POV: we don’t care if your business documents are a mess. And we can get your bridging, medium or long-term business loan into your bank faster with less documentation.


What security will I need to offer?

Typically, you’ll need to offer a first or second mortgage on a property you own. Depending on the loan type, we also accept unencumbered vehicles such as boats, cars and trucks.

If you have bad credit and need a short-term (bridging) business loan or longer-term financing, Strive Financial are here to help you save the day or seize the moment. So call us today!

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